Monday, February 20, 2017

Into The shadow: Dorian Yates Movie

I have one word to write about this documentary and it’s just “brilliant”, I think Brain Did an excellent job making this movie with Dorian. If you found the first interview Brain did with Dorian was interesting wait till you watch ‘Into the shadow’, the kind of rapport brain shares with Dorian over the years has great impact on the movie. The opening scene of the movie is priceless and so is Dorian yates voice and knowledge, I am being a bodybuilding fanatic and part historian myself I am blown away by Dorian yates depth of knowledge and his persona outside of bodybuilding world.

The movie has everything right from talks to footage of Dorian when he was at the pinnacle of his bodybuilding career. There are scenes where he compares himself now and then, the movie is matter of fact journey of Dorian yates from a one-dimensional athlete to a great human being and you know what he is an intellectual being. I have followed Dorian yates right from his bodybuilding heydays to till date, what a great man and his thought pattern is just brilliant and that gives the movie a different outlook altogether. A must watch movie for not only DY fan but also for people across different niche’s, I wish brain all the very best and I think he should come up with a documentary on himself and his experience in wall street.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Quality of food for staying fit

We live in an age and time where most of the thing is adulterated. How can we be sure of the food we eat is of the good quality forget the best I am merely taking about being good.  Me being a fitness freak and someone who likes to stay fit, always think about what to eat to stay fit? How to get fit and healthy?

Now that’s me being me, but the issue which bugs me to the core is what does a layman do who just wants to stay healthy and have better and longer healthy life. Remember we are what we eat or put in our body. Whether its fitness food, fitness meal or food for fitness; the quality of food is far more important than the actual food itself.

We all know what the right kinds of food are, we need to eat to get fit and stay healthy. We might follow numerous fitness workouts and might focus on healthy fitness recipes while focusing on nutrition, what good does it serve us if the quality of food itself is questionable?

I run a YouTube channel and doing interviews with other fitness youtubers discussing various topics right from effects of steroids to steroid use in fitness industry. I also take about training techniques and diet and food for fitness, mind you these fitness youtubers are natural and don’t use any enhanced substance. This is a video where me and Nigel Bush discussing quality of food and how build good physique by staying natural.

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How strong was Franco Columbu

How strong was Franco Columbu you may ask, well Franco Columbu was the Strongest Bodybuilder of the Golden Era of the bodybuilding and was pound for pound strongest of them all. We all know him as the side kick of Arnold Schwarzenegger from the days of pumping iron or much before. However he had more to him than just being a side kick, he was weightlifting, power lifting and then a bodybuilding champion.

He was not just a bodybuilder who had muscles; he could put them to use to put people to sleep since he was also a European boxing champion. He has won numerous weightlifting and bodybuilding competitions, winning Mr. Europe, Mr. World, Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia twice (1976 and 1981).He trained Sylvester Stallone for the Rambo movies.

He had set great PR’s on bench squat and Dead lift and also on heavy shoulder presses. The most interesting thing was when he competed in world’s strongest man 1977, he was dabbling a refrigerator and had a fall and injured his leg. Doctors declared that the leg was broken, but Franco said it wasn't broken, it was dislocated. If you are already not impressed by his feet’s of strength, one must be impressed by his will and dedication which was put into display when he when through rehabbing his leg and competing again to win the Mr. Olympia title in 1981. Post his accident at the world’s strongest man, he had lot of work at his hand and his efforts are commendable irrespective of where the Olympia of 1981 was fixed or not!

Like Arnold he came from a small village, he was from Sardinia Italy. He conquered the world of bodybuilding and did do small parts in movies made lot of money and became successful.

His best lifts are as follows:
Bench press: 525 lbs.
Squats: 655 lbs.
Deadlifts: 750 lbs.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

What are the best ways to lose weight?

This was a question from one of my viewer who never exercised and was significantly over weight. The problem with most people is that they never realize that they are going over board and putting on heaps of weight at later stage. I do understand and acknowledge that focusing on fitness and health takes a back seat when you are in hustle to make life better and provide for your family.

People put on weight for various reason and often ignore the fact that it’s not always about looking good and have a six-pack abs. its beyond that, I am not talking everyone should have a great physique but more on the lines of being healthy and active in life.

Taking care of yourself and being healthy and active and having a fit body is not limited celebrities or athletes. Everyone should take time and pride in being healthy and fit, most importantly be consistent. Well enough said about what is the problem now let’s see how we can fix it.

I can guide you to get fit and stay in shape, but you must help yourself! you need to be consistent in working out, straight on your diet and shouldn't lose focus. Now let’s say you weight 105 kgs and you’re under 6 feet in height. It is quite too much if you don't exercise and have a very sedentary life style. Another most overlooked factor is the age, as you grow old you need to keep your weight under control.

 I suggest you join a gym and start working out ASAP.

Building muscle revolves around few factors which one needs to consider and follow.

1. Weight training and right kind of exercises.
2. Nutrition depending on your goals as to build muscle or loose fat.
3. Rest and recovery depending on your training routine, that is whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Initially I would say learn the correct exercises and most importantly the form. when you say weight, I assume you mean muscle, I would say train regularly and hard say 5 days a week.

Stay away from sugar, excess carbs and processed foods.

I suggest do cardio at least 3 days a week. trying doing HIT cardio.

If you follow these simple pointers you are bound to get a fit body and stay healthy.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

I want to lose weight Fast

I want to lose weight Fast, How many times have you scratched your head thinking and brooding to find the Simplest way to lose weight in shortest period? The reason can be as simple as getting ready for to flaunt a beach body to impress a girl. Well lets first see whether it is possible to do so? Most importantly do it naturally.

Numerous websites, fitness Youtubers to fitness guru have written and preached best way to lose weight in short period or 10 best ways to lose weight quickly. Sometimes too much of information can lead to confusion and analysis by paralysis!

Let me sort out the confusion, it’s possible to lose weight fast and in short period. But let me clarify it depends and varies from person to person. The simple reason being the genetically make of the individual and their goals. Also, the kind of lifestyle on has because if you’re not self-disciplined then things can be harder and delay results.

The best way to lose weight in short period is to exercise and exercise regularly. What form of exercising to choose I would solely leave it on you. You can start by walking 2kms a day and then gradually increase the distance and intensity. You can join a gym and train with weights to slim down and tighten up. You can do cycling or if you know how to swim, then you can swim.

It’s the regularity that gets you results not what form of training, at least when you are a beginner or an intermediate trainee trying shed weight quickly and build muscle. Weight training 4 days a week is a good start and do cardio at least two days in a week.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Beginner’s workout Routine to Gain Muscle

I get lot of questions from my readers as to how to put muscle if you are a beginner. Especially from people with the body type that of the one which has hard time putting on weight and when I say weight I mean muscle not fat! In this article, I am going to discuss a simple strategy to put on muscle whether you are a beginner or a beginner with an ectomorph body.

The biggest problem with beginners is that they believe if they follow a training routine of pro bodybuilder like Jay cutler or Ronnie Coleman they can become one or look like them. Well sorry to wake you up guys; it isn’t going to happen, because they have great genetics which only few people on earth possess. Other important thing is that you are natural so putting on so much of muscle isn’t possible.  

Now let’s look at what you can do to put on muscle naturally and irrespective of your genetics. You can start putting on by following certain outlined tips.

 First and foremost, you must start training with weights and get your body adjusted to the training demand. Weight training is one of the best ways to stimulate muscle growth and spike testosterone. Make sure your training routine has lot of compound moments and less of machines. Here is a video where I outline one of the basic and best training routine that you guys can follow.

Have a good nutritional plan to build muscle and maintain it. Always remember muscles are built by what you eat and how you time your meals. Quality of food and right kind of macros at the right time is very important. Eat at least 1700 calories of right kind of food.

 HIT Training:

Train on HIT principal that's what I train on and train my clients. Here is a video where I discuses about the HIT training compared to that of High volume training.

 Rest and Recuperation:

 Properly schedule rest and recuperate well to gain muscle. Rest is the most over looked aspect in weight training and I can tell you more are not good, so cut down on your days of training and focus more on training intensity. Train 4 days a week initially. Then change the workout.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Best Fitness trends of 2017

Fitness industry has grown to humongous portions thanks to social media and mainstream media for putting it out there. Fitness industry is one of the few industries which has had a consistent growth year after year. There were lot of things introduced to spice up the training routine for the public, be it boxing, high intensity training or boot camps. Let’s look at what 2017 must offer in terms of fitness routines.

Aqua aerobics is one of them to watch out for as there will be lot of different training routines incorporated to improve the level of fitness and cardio vascular strength. Training out door has become a trend these days and it’s going to be even more trendy in 2017. HEAT well I am not taking about the movie but a method of athletic training (high energy athletic Training) which will be more sports specific and will build overall endurance and make you a better athlete.

Last but not the least did I forget to mention Crossfit? Well that’s going to be the hip thing in 2017, we already are hooked onto crossfit games and the amazing athletic abilities crossfit training provides. In my opinion it’s one of the best way to train but again it needs to be little tailored. These are some of the fitness trends you need to watch for and incorporate in your training routine as well. Train hard and be consistent to meet your 2017 fitness goals.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Best Time for Weight Training

Any form of exercise is vital for a healthy body and a sound mind. I often get asked what the best time to train is. Well the answer I provide is anytime! Even though people always ask this question they aren’t ready to hear the truth. Before I get into the nitty-gritty’s  of best time to train, I want to emphasize that training itself should be the primary goal and then once you are consistent at it then comes the question of how do I better it. First and foremost train and train Consistent, which should be your ethos.

Weight training or any other form of rigors training affects central nervous system activity and hormonal production. Our body runs in a rhythm called as Circadian rhythm, which is a 24 hour cycle which controls our physiological process like sleep, hormones, metabolism and wake up pattern. The trick is to figure out when it’s at its peak and when it’s at the lowest, sounds simple? Well it isn’t.

Before it gets too complicated and too scientific let me tell you best time for weight training based on my 15 years of weight training experience. I have found and peaked while training between 9 am to 11.30 am in the morning and 5 pm to 8 pm in the evening. Despite these times being the best to peak and perform weight training your body can be tricked and trained to yield good results at different times as well. That’s something I will cover in my future articles on weight training. If you are novice I suggest you train at your convenience at first but be consistent and try to train in the evening as you may drain out energy if your train in the morning and then pursue the daily rigors of life.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kevin Levrone finally did it

Kevin levrone doing a comeback to bodybuilding 2016, it was awesome to him back on stage and it has inspired many bodybuilding fans. It’s important never to give up win or lose doesn’t matter he has the heart of champion. He is very famous for training just 4- 6 months and getting back in competition shape but none the less he has incredible physique for his age.

Kevin levrone is someone who has had 4 times finished in second position on the Mr. Olympia stage and was an amazing blend of aesthetics and mass. He ruled the stage in the 90’s along with Shawn ray, Flex wheeler and Ronnie Coleman.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Road to Mr. Olympia 2016 : Kevin levrone Vs Dexter Jackson

Kevin levrone Vs Dexter Jackson who do you think will place better in Mr. Olympia 2016? Road to Mr. Olympia 2016 is getting exciting every minute. Dexter only defeated Kevin twice in his career and Kevin had a triceps injury at the time. Dexter Jackson is getting better and has being training for a longtime compared to Kevin who has been not training for 10 years or so. Kevin always trained 3 months before the show and then would literally stop lifting. Even Dexter has been performing great and winning shows I believe it’s the year of Maryland muscle machine.

Win or lose Kevin levrone has inspired many and has paved way for the great physiques of 90’s to show they were the best. No more bubble gut no more huge physiques but pure aesthetic physique, Kevin being at the age he is at that’s 52 has done a amazing job and lived up to the expectations of fans from all over the world. He was always known to grow into the show which he is doing and he is able to do in 3 weeks what others take 6 months. Phil and other competitor have their hands full this time. Please support Kevin levrone on his social media and Mr. Olympia 2016 is going to be a delight for bodybuilding fans as the legend of Maryland machine will step the stage this time. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Reverse grip bench press To Spice Up Your chest Workout

Reverse grip bench press is excellent variation that one can add to spice up their chest routine. Form is very important on this exercise and if done carelessly then can hurt your elbows and wrist. Form is important not the weight. Go for higher reps on this exercise and moderate weights once you advance then shoot for heavier weights.

Versatility of the Smith machine allows many variations of the same movement with just a slight change in grip. I strongly encourage you to utilize that benefit to its fullest. From one workout to the next alter your grip on your presses from the standard overhand grip to the reverse-grip version. See how it makes your chest feel. Also be sure to include the standard bench press, as well as dumbbells, cables and machines to complement your chest training. Don’t get stuck doing the same moves each week.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

mr olympia 2016 and kevin levrone

Mr. Olympia 2016 and Kevin levrone, Kevin levrone has all the chances to win Mr Olympia 2016. here is my opinion on the top 3.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Brock lesnar vs Mark hunt at UFC 200

Brock lesnar vs mark hunt at UFC 200 mark hunt will knock out Brock Lesnar!!! here is my fight perdition.