Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Best Back Exercises for a Thick, Wide Back Workout Routine

Have you heard the bodybuilding community saying contests are won from the back! Well hell o yeah, a strong, think and wide back is always appealing and has stood the test of time with its functional capabilities. Now you may ask how I can get thick and wide back. What are the best exercises build a massive back? Well you are at the right place to find out how.

Before I proceed with sharing my two cent on how to build big and thick back muscles, let’s examine how the back muscle is build.The four muscles that make up the bulk of the back, and that we want to focus on developing, are the



Latissimus dorsi

Erector spinae.

I have always trained heavy and hard, I am big believer in HIT training method followed by the legends like mike mentzer, Dorian Yates. High Intensity training is what gets you big and shredded. It’s one of the unique ways yet very simple to follow workout program. The beauty of it lies in its simplicity and is highly effective, its time efficient and easy to follow. It’s followed and developed by mike mentzer to Dorian Yates. I have created a playlist with touching these topics along with Playlist containing top rated videos from my channel. Click on the image below which will take you to the playlist.

Now coming back to my best exercises to build big and thick back are as Follows:

Deadlifts 5 sets of 5 Reps
Barbell Rows 5 sets of 5 Reps
Lats pull down alternating close and wide grip 3 Sets Of 8-14 Reps
Pull Ups to Failure

Add his to your back training workout routine and you will see lot changes in a month.

Must Do Exercises for Massive Shoulders

Shoulder muscles can be a very stubborn body part for some despite hard training sessions and constant effort. Be very diligent in choosing best shoulder exercises and best shoulder workout. Some don’t see the results they would like to see on them otherwise.  My followers and subscribers ask me what’s the best shoulder workout for mass; well I have good news for you iron lovers. Try these 5 exercises and you will see your shoulders responding to workouts in no time! I recommend this exercise as Must Do Exercises for Massive Shoulders.

As we all know our shoulder has three sides to it the front, rear, and side. Hitting all the heads to get the broad shoulders or frame you has always wanted and what exercise to use. My shoulders have always grown very well and they respond quickly to heavy training and lot of pressing movement be it dumbbell seated shoulder press or barbell press. Some people’s shoulders take little more effort and time to respond and grow. Begin your shoulder workout routine with some heavy over- head presses. This can be done standing or seated, overhead presses. Building crazy strength by bringing your triceps, upper pecs and even your abs into play to help you move more weight fast and in a very efficient manner.  Your goal should always be to get a beefier delts.

5 Exercises for Massive Shoulders is something which has helped me to make lot of gains and make my shoulder muscles respond with great development. Shoulder muscles have 3 heads which are front, rear and side, I recommend always do the compound movement first which hits every fiber in your shoulder muscle and gives you that great foundation with mass. This is how I learned how to build shoulder mass.

Clean and press, military press are some of the best compound exercises which you can start your shoulder workout with and make sure you go heavy on them without compromising the form. I suggest do 5 sets and no more keep the rep range around 7-10 and you will definitely feel the intensity and over a period of time great results. Shoulders as we know makes a big impact; consider you hitting a back double biceps pose and a greatly developed shoulder will make a big difference between an average pose and a great pose.

The wider your shoulders are the beautiful your frame looks and when your side delts are huge they make your arms appears more defined and ripped. Hit lateral raises one Arm or both arms at the same time to hit those side delts.

 Do these 5 exercises in the same order and rep range and your shoulders will start responding in no time.

Barbell Clean and Press 5 sets of 7 Reps 
Dumbbell Press 5 sets of 7 Reps  
One Arm Lateral Raises   5 sets of 10 Reps  
Arnold Press 5 sets of 10 Reps.
Barbell Shrugs 5 sets of 6-8 Reps  

Try these exercises and start saving money for a bigger sports jacket, because in sometime you will not be able to fit into one you already have!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Alistair overeem Vs. Francis Ngannou Ufc 218

This weekend Alistair overeem will be fighting the predator Francis Ngannou who is on a 9 fight winning streak. There will be lot of fireworks in this fight as both have dynamite in their hands. Alistair Overeem is a decorated kick boxing and MMA Legend who has had numerous big time fights and has seen it all.

Now what does Francis Ngannou bring to the table in ufc 218 which promises to be a great card and put fans on the edge, especially the heavy weight fight. Alistair overeem is known as the demolition man, The Reem which is also an online documentary of Alistair overeem‘s life and fighting journey. Fan look out for demolition man vs. the predator.

Here are my predictions on the Alistair overeem Vs. Francis Ngannou Ufc 218 fight.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Aesthetic physique of Bruce lee

What’s the first thing you notice when you see a Bruce lee movie? His unbelievable martial art skills and his amazing speed the other important thing you notice is his Aesthetic physique. It’s my tribute to the man who was a perfect combination of body and soul a legendary martial artist and renowned philosopher. Whenever I hear or think of muscularity first name that pops up in my mind is “Bruce lee”, he was lean, razor–sharp cuts, dense muscle not to the degree of professional bodybuilders but chiseled and well defined muscles.

His work ethic and single minded focus was second to none, he had that perfectionist mind set which made him a legend. He was not genetically gift with great genetics unlike our professional body builders; he built his awesome physique with sheer hard work and dedication. Just standing five feet and seven and a half inches tall and weighed around 126 to 145 pounds, he turned his body into an ultimate weapon which not only looked awesome but was also very strong and powerful.

Bruce’s interest in weight training mainly grew as part of martial arts training. He was a renaissance’s man; he had achieved the muscularity, definition and proportion to the same degree as that of body builders of today. Bruce’s main focus was towards strength and speed, the chiseled and ripped to the bone physique was byproduct of his intense training. His body was graceful and tremendously functional; he would leap eight feet in the air to kick out a light bulb in one of his movies. He would demonstrate one inch punch which could generate so much of power that it would send the person on the receiving end flying in the air. Bruce was a pound for pound fighter , his reflexes were so quick that he had to slow down for his movies, so as to capture his punches and kicks on screen, man he was lightening quick. He termed his approach towards physical training as “the art of expressing the human body”. He demonstrated extreme flexibility, lighting quick reflexes, grace and colossal power. He didn’t believe in being huge or big but believed in being capable of converting one’s strength efficiently and quickly.  Bruce had a well-proportioned physique, but his best body part was his abs, it is said that he loved to work his abs and forearms.

Some of Bruce’s feats of strength are he could perform one hand push-ups or thumbs only push –ups. He was able to support a 125-pound barbell at arm length right in front of him, mind you he weighted between 126 to 145 pounds. How can we forget his one inch punch? That would send the opponent flying in air. He could side kick 300 pound heavy bag slapping against the ceiling. Lee was always on the look out to train his muscles in new and unique ways to stimulate more muscle fibers; he had a huge collection of books ranging from bodybuilding to philosophy in his personal library.

Below is lee’s workout program:

Clean & press 2 sets – 8 reps
Squats 2 sets – 12 reps
Bench press 2 sets – 6 reps
Pullovers 2 sets – 8 reps
Good mornings 2 sets – 8 reps
Barbell curls 2 sets - 8 reps

Bruce was well ahead of his time, be in terms of fitness or nutrition, he was a great martial artist and a wonderful human being. He can also be termed as first one who introduced MMA (mixed martial arts) in way because he didn’t not believe or limit himself to one style of fighting.  I would like to conclude this article with one of his quotes on martial arts and fitness, he said “if you’re talking about combat- as it is – well then, baby you’d better train every part of your body!”

Monday, November 27, 2017

What workout machines should I use to start bodybuilding?

It’s an age old debate as to whether one should use free weight or machines to build good physique. You may ask what workout machines I should use to start bodybuilding. My answer is simple “what every equipment you can find in your gym”.  I am an old school bodybuilder and like to use free weights more often than the machines. However you pretty much need machines too!  Your weight training or strength training should always be the combination of both free weights and machines. Let’s also look at it from a beginner’s stand point, why would a beginner use machines to build muscles rather than free weights, dumbbells and barbells? I think the answer is a no brainer firstly it’s safe and doesn’t need much of understanding of the form unlike a bench press, squat or a deadlift. Secondly every gym nowadays has lot of machines to train and build muscle.

Let me give you my opinion on the topic based on my experience. Nothing beats training with free weights, if you want to build a strong foundation and solid physique you need to train relentlessly with weights and less of machines. I would say 80% of one’s training should be with free weights and rest with machines. Machines do have their place in training, but they do have to take the back seat.

Physiques like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco columbu, Sergio Olivia all emulate powerful physique which comes from training hardcore with free weights. One cannot achieve that strong looking physique without training with free weights. You got to do barbell rows, dead-lifts, barbell curls, squats, bench press, shoulder press and overhead press there is absolutely no substitute for these exercises. If you do use machines as an alternative for these exercises than you can never have that strong and powerful physique.

Do train with free weights and less of machines and see the results and the difference physique.
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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Build Massive Legs in minutes

I am sure you are tired of having skinny legs or have faced issue with bring up your legs to match your upper body. If this is what has been bothering you then you are at the right place to fix it. When I say build massive legs in minutes, don’t get me wrong I am not promising your legs are going to look like big ramy’s legs. It takes years and years of training to get massive legs.  What I want you to understand is by following what I am going to say you surely will be on track to get your legs huge and defined.

Firstly let’s look at why do we need big and strong legs. Why is the quad strength so important I ask? Many people give their legs a weak workout at best or skip over them completely in favor of training their arms or chest. This mistake of not training legs not only takes away from strength but also ruins the overall flow of the body. Training legs help pack on lean mass it also helps keep of fat. It’s a known Fact that when you do a heavy, intense leg workout, your growth hormone spikes.

I have always loved challenges and nothing challenges you in the gym then doing heavy set of squats both back and front squat. So my number one exercise is back squat followed by heavy high rep leg press. Here are two videos demonstrating the same. Do both variation of squats with a rep range not less than 10 and throw in a set of 4 to begin with for 3 weeks and then increase the sets.

I also suggest adding in leg extension and some hamstring work. I will detail the each sub muscle in legs in my future article.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How to get paper thing skin by Kevin Levrone 2017

Kevin Levrone 2017 in India, in this part 4 of Kevin Levrone interview he shares the tricks and trade of achieving paper thin skin for bodybuilding contest.

Paper thin skin can be a vital factor in winning and losing a bodybuilding show. whether you are ripped to shreds or jacked and tanned, if you plan to get on a bodybuilding stage you need to have paper thin skin to ready show how defined your muscles are!

Having Low Body fat levels

One of the keys to achieving paper thin skin in bodybuilding is to have low body fat levels especially closer to the bodybuilding shows. The standard levels of body fat for a competitor on a bodybuilding stage is around 5-6% if you really want to make an impact in the show.


Diuretics are most commonly used in getting the water out of the body so that have grainy and vascular look. Diuretics are used to get ripped and aids in getting paper thin skin and thus gives you more defined look.

Water and Sodium manipulation.

One must manipulate water and sodium to avoid the body from holding water and sodium, which can give you that watery look and thus takes way the details and sharpness of the physique.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Kevin Levrone Reason for Comeback and India Tour Part 2

This is a Part 2 of Kevin Levrone 2017 India Tour and in this episode Kevin Levrone Discusses Real reason for his comeback and how he has been preparing for Arnold classics 2018. He is here in India to promote levrone signature series.

He was looking big and ripped and looked like he can still go one competing for 5 more years. Now kevin levrone is one of the best bodybuilders in the world and is blessed with great genetics listen to his thoughts on training diet and nutrition.  Please do subscribe to my YouTube channel and the blog to enjoy the future episodes.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kevin Levrone 2017 India Tour and Bodybuilding Seminar

Kevin Levrone 2017 India Tour has been a delight to Kevin levrone fans specially his Indian fans. I had the opportunity of being part of it and experiencing great seminar. I have been a fan of Kevin levrone is he won the Night of champions. There was no social media back then, No Facebook, no Instagram and no YouTube.

It was a surreal experience meeting a legend and a role model for the first time. Kevin is a great champion and a gentleman, he treats his fans with great respect and inspires them with his words and action. I had a great opportunity to talk to him in length and touching various topics right from night of champions to Arnold classics, his diet and training Routine.

The audience also had some good question and Kevin was very happy to answer them and was a good earning experience. This article has the first part of the miniseries I will be releasing from the seminar. Here is the part One of the seminar, where Kevin talks about his training routine and teaches how different body types can train to get the optimal results. Please do subscribe to my YouTube channel and the blog to enjoy the future episodes.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

How to Gain Mass In your Biceps

I often get asked by new bee’s in the gym lot of questions on diet, training and supplementation. One of the question which a student of mine asked was “How to gain mass in your arm” well I said bloody train them hard and train them heavy Boy!

He was in awe for moment and said is it all that it takes build huge arms? I said yes, hell yeah. Let me tell you my story or rather my experience of training arms more specifically building biceps. My biceps have always responded to heavy training and more importantly to barbell curls. Cheating is even better when it comes to arm training. Here is a video where I demonstrate the raw biceps training workout which will hit every muscle fiber I your arm. Please do subscribe to my channel to get more training and dieting tips.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

How to Lose Weight without Exercise or Strict Diet ?

This was a question from one of my viewer who never exercised and was significantly over weight. The problem with most people is that they never realize that they are going over board and putting on heaps of weight at later stage. I do understand and acknowledge that focusing on fitness and health takes a back seat when you are in hustle to make life better and provide for your family.

People put on weight for various reason and often ignore the fact that it’s not always about looking good and have a six-pack abs. it’s beyond that, I am not talking everyone should have a great physique but more on the lines of being healthy and active in life.

Taking care of yourself and being healthy and active and having a fit body is not limited celebrities or athletes. Everyone should take time and pride in being healthy and fit, most importantly be consistent. Well enough said about what is the problem now let’s see how we can fix it.

I can guide you to get fit and stay in shape, but you must help yourself! you need to be consistent in working out, straight on your diet and shouldn't lose focus. Now let’s say you weight 105 kgs and you’re under 6 feet in height. It is quite too much if you don't exercise and have a very sedentary life style. Another most overlooked factor is the age, as you grow old you need to keep your weight under control.

 I suggest you join a gym and start working out ASAP.

 Building muscle revolves around few factors which one needs to consider and follow.

1. Weight training and right kind of exercises.
2. Nutrition depending on your goals as to build muscle or loose fat.
3. Rest and recovery depending on your training routine, that is whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Initially I would say learn the correct exercises and most importantly the form. when you say weight, I assume you mean muscle, I would say train regularly and hard say 5 days a week.

Stay away from sugar, excess carbs and processed foods.

I suggest do cardio at least 3 days a week. trying doing HIT cardio.

If you follow these simple pointers you are bound to get a fit body and stay healthy.

One of the best whey protein is muscle Blaze Whey protein, I prefer to take 2 whey protein shakes a day and my training has improved since I have added Muscle Blaze to my nutritional arsenal gains have drastically improved. 

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fat to Fit Transformation and H.I.T Training Module

My Transformation from Fat to Fit, I have made a comeback from an injury and had put me out for good 5 months. Its great stepping foot back in the gym and trying to turn fat into muscle. I was able to gain like 2 to 3 pounds, I believe it will have lot of fat but I am trying to build my strength at the moment and then start shredding. It will be a gradual progress and I shall document and keep you guys posted on my journey of fat to fit. I trained shoulders today and was great training as I had great pump and could see the increase in strength.

In this episode I take you through my back workout routine. I am big believer in HIT Training method, it was pioneered by Arthur Jones and popularized and advocated by Mike mentzer. Then Dorian Yates popularized it by winning Mr. Olympia titles one after other. I have few articles dedicated to HIT training which you can read and enjoy.

body part
Day 1  
chest and triceps  (Sat)

Day 2

Back & Biceps (Sun)

Day 3

Shoulders & abs(mon)

Day 4


Day 5

arms & legs

Day 6


Cardio & abs


H.I.T Training Module

High intensity training is one of the best method’s to put on quality muscle mass and definition, if not the best. It was found by Arthur Jones who experimented with this form of training with top bodybuilders of the era. He was the inventor of the Nautilus; many well know bodybuilders trained under his guidance like Casey Viator, mike mentzer and Ray Mentzer. It was Mike Mentzer who popularized this form of training and added his own observation to the HIT theory and perfected it.  Mike advocated and trained his clients no more than 7-9 sets per workout and further reduced the training by reducing the number days trained per week; 3 days per week sometimes even less depending on the gains. Mike advocated HIT training a lot and held many seminars’s and shot training videos. The man who took the HIT method to the top and revolutionized the sport of bodybuilding was Dorian Yates. 6 consecutive times Mr. Olympia and a big follower of HIT method.

The principle of this training method was that one should train brief, infrequent and with all intensity. It was believed that training with high intensity and to a point where it would create muscular failure momentarily yielded great gains and results. Since its intensity which is the key in this form of training, the training volume and duration of training is very brief compared to traditional volume training where one performs numerous sets and repetitions with low intensity. We all know that training stimulates muscle growth by recruiting new muscle fibers but rest and nutrition is what makes them grow. Adequate rest has to be provided for the body to heal and grow and endure the taxing from next intense workout. Hence a great emphasis is placed on rest and recuperation.

A typical HIT Workout can be like focusing one single muscle group to may be a minor muscle group in addition, like Back with Biceps. Again a great emphasis is placed on form and technique as it’s just not moving weights but lifting with perfect form and in slow and controlled fashion rather than jerking the weight. I strongly believe one should be training no more than 45 minutes, if they are aiming to build quality muscle mass naturally. We all more or less have access to same nutritional information but what separate us are the training methods to some degree and most importantly the intensity. Try this method for good 4-6 months and see the results.

This video is on barbell rows and I like to train heavy without compromising the form. People have tendency to focus more on weight and less on form due to ego lifting. Well guys focus on form and you will be grateful you did, because it prevents injury and help you build lot of muscle mass.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Best affordable fitness band in India?

Best affordable fitness band in India? This might give you a fair idea even before you buy a fitness band. Ok let me explain people in India have become very fitness conscious and are trying to try out new workouts and use fitness band to track their fitness level.

Fitness bands are everywhere now, but the biggest question is they useful? Do they really work? And work wonders for one. Well before we look into these questions lets first know what are fitness bands and what do they do?

Well these wrist bands are no ordinary bands, they are health tracking devices. These devices help one to track heart rate, blood oxygen level and total steps taken for particular day and calories burnt. It does give you some good data which otherwise can’t be manually tracked. The information provided by these bands is quite impressive. They are flashy and in-thing in the fitness industry, they come in wide variety of designs and price ranges. Prices range from $100 to $ 250 and above depending on the brands and functionality and designs, now you can’t expect all in one in the basic model. There are lot of top brands in the market namely, Fitbit flex, Jawbone and the misfit shine, well suit yourself!

Now let’s come to performance, these data provided is excellent but isn’t 100% accurate and each brand device works different way based on the Algorithm used. Well my biggest question is what do you do with these data? I mean does an average Joe need this lot of data? My answer is No! I would rather say it’s a great collectable item for people who are very passionate about fitness. Fitness bands are a great success throughout the world. I believe the major reason for the success of these bands is due to motivational aspect than that of functionality and accuracy. Monitoring makes people stick to their plans way better than compared to otherwise and these bands do certainly standout in monitoring aspect of it. But do they help you to be absolutely fit and have a great physique, No. So all in all I would give thumbs up for these fitness bands.