Saturday, August 6, 2016

mr olympia 2016 and kevin levrone

Mr. Olympia 2016 and Kevin levrone, Kevin levrone has all the chances to win Mr Olympia 2016. here is my opinion on the top 3.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Brock lesnar vs Mark hunt at UFC 200

Brock lesnar vs mark hunt at UFC 200 mark hunt will knock out Brock Lesnar!!! here is my fight perdition.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sultan Body

Salman Khan's physique has always been one of the best bodies in Bollywood. He always had a chiseled body and was one of the huge super stars who made bodybuilding and being in shape a trend in Bollywood. His movies have made boat load of money and has ruled the box office collections. The body transformation what he underwent from one movie to another is awesome.

Sultan is a great movie and already has a great opening; it’s a story of aging wrestler who finds his second chance inside the ring. Yes, the backdrop of the movie is wrestling and MMA. Salman khan despite being very fit and almost always in shape had to go through grueling workout to get in shape for the movie to attain the sultan body and a wrestler look. Whether you looked at the trailer or the movie the way salman trained and built his physique displays great dedication.  Below is the video where I talk about his training. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


In shape in a month natural way This Book came into existence through trial and error and my own quest to achieve ultimate fitness goals. One question I constantly heard was “How Do I Lose Lot of Weight Quickly?” this question made me come up with the training program that can help reduce lot of weight at the same time it’s simple and very basic. What makes a simple program efficient is in its intensity. I believe in order to get in shape one does not require fancy workout programs, nor a high end exercise equipment.

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Arnold Schwarzenegger legacy is something no one can achieve. He literal made it big from nothing and coming from poverty and thus made him hungry and determined to make it big in life. “Arnold” the Austrian Oak, he was cut and still big had the charisma and some of the people competing in that show idolized him so they never believed that they can beat him. Here is a bodybuilding motivational video of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his legacy in bodybuilding. Please re-share the video and article.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Muscle recovery after workout

Muscle recovery after workout is very vital and can help you make lot of gains. In this video i explain how to make sure you get all the gains and maximize your resting and recovery.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Effective chest workout at the gym

Effective chest workout at the gym follow basic exercises to Build bigger chest. This Chest workout is Quick chest workout and intense.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Steroids use during golden days of bodybuilding

Steroids use during golden days of bodybuilding, Like it or not steroids has been a big part of bodybuilding culture, but steroid use was nothing in 60’s and 70’s compared to today. 60’s and 70’s produced classic physiques like John Grimek, Steve Reeves, Clancy Ross and George Eiferman who embodied not only ascetic bodies but were also very strong men. They did more of compound exercises and weight lifting routines in their workout program and less or no steroids compared to today’s standard. Here is video where i discuss about it in detail.

The 70’s was the peak of bodybuilding with greats like Bill Pearl, Larry Scott, Dave Draper, Reg Park, Sergio Oliva, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Frank Zane, Franco Columbu and Ken Waller and many more. Each one of them had unique physique and had their own trade mark when it came to standing out on a competition stage. Even though it was the Austrian Oak who put bodybuilding on the map through his awesome personality and extraordinary achievements, each one of these other legends have contributed and paved way for bodybuilding to be in the mainstream. The era was more of hard work and toil in the gym to create these awesome physiques rather than become chemical infected bloated bodies.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kevin Levrone Return and Mr. Olympia 2016

Kevin levrone doing a comeback to bodybuilding 2016, it’s an awesome news to the world of bodybuilding. He is very famous for training just 4- 6 months and getting back in competition shape but none the less he has incredible physique for his age. Now that it’s officially that he is returning to the stage, it’s great for bodybuilding because it’s like the classic physique is back.

Kevin levrone is someone who has had 4 times finished in second position on the Mr. Olympia stage and was an amazing blend of aesthetics and mass. He ruled the stage in the 90’s along with Shawn ray, Flex wheeler and Ronnie Coleman. Here is a detailed video where I outline what can happen if he trains hard and what position can be placed.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Alistair Overeem vs. Andrei Arlovski Who Will Win ?

Alistair Overeem vs. Andrei Arlovski is a fight to watch out for and it will be an exciting fight. Ufc has always made some great match ups and this fight is one of them. UFC fight night Rotterdam is an exciting card and has some great matches but none can be as exciting as Alistair Overeem vs. Andrei Arlovski.

 Let’s look at what makes this fight so interesting? Firstly it’s between two explosive fighters and second of all these two fighters are from the same gym. The Reem or demolition man aka Alistair Overeem is fresh of great wins especially his destruction of JDS was very impressive. On the other hand Andrei is coming out of loss. A win over Andrei puts Alistair Overeem to fight for the title and what a moment it would be if he is able to capture the belt? If Andrei get defeated by the Reem then Andrei’s heavyweight title dream and run is over. Here in the video I give a detailed opinion on the fight and weigh in their strengths and weakness.

Why is Andrei upset with Alistair Overeem? Well, I think it’s more to do with his fear that he might lose to Alistair Overeem and if that happens then it’s a long road back to the top for Andrei. Another thing is that he might feel disrespected that Alistair Overeem took the fight when both are on the verge of getting a title shot. Andrei is a great fighter and has had great wins and shown great skills and heart in fights; it’s not going to be easy for Alistair Overeem to defeat Andrei Arlovski. One can never count out Andrei’s power. I believe Alistair Overeem has more experience than Andrei in terms of number fights and also the kind of opponents he has faced. I believe Alistair Overeem will win the fight, but hey it’s a fight! Anything can happen in a fight.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Best Pull ups Variations

Best Pull ups Variations, Here is a quick routine I do when I train my back. I always to chin ups or pull ups first before the back workout and its helped in great back development. 

Pushups and pull ups are something you can do it anywhere and anytime. It is a Beginner to advanced pull ups routine and its one of the Crazy pull ups exercises.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Beyond Brawn Bodybuilding History

I am an Indian youtuber running a fitness YouTube channel. Beyond Brawn Podcast is a show where I interview my fellow Youtubers. The people on the Beyond Brawn Podcast come from all niches like fitness, daily vloggers or music artists. I believe everybody has a story to tell and a dream to chase.

We talk all aspects of fitness from training routine to diet and most importantly we talked about the mental attitude to shed weight and how one can overcome it. How stay motivated and set shot term goals.  We talk about life, struggle and ways to be optimistic and keep you going. This is about them and their story. 

Beyond brawn - bodybuilding History, I interview Camerica Muscle and we discuss about How to get fit and be Consistent and bodybuilding. He is a Natural bodybuilder and first ever winner of the Mr. TaurOlympia 2015.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Over Training in Weight Training

Over Training in Weight Training is the most hindering thing in one’s progress towards getting fit or shed weight or get jacked. Whether you are on your fat loss journey or training to be a bodybuilder over training can cause serious setbacks and demotivate you. Lets now analysis what’s over training in weight training? I write this article for athletes and general public who are natural and by that I mean that they aren’t using any performance enhancing drugs. What do I say that? Well the answer is simple people on performance enhancing drugs function differently. They have great ability to recover from hardcore workouts and can train often and still don’t get over trained or sore from previous workouts.

Let’s say you are a beginner and started following some program which a pro athlete or an amateur bodybuilder is using and you either can’t complete the workout or don’t see any results from following that program, have you ever wondered why? Chances are you may be over trained or too taxed. I always suggest beginners and intermediates to train 4 days a week with weights and not more than that. There are few reasons to it, because if you need to build a good physique then you need a good foundation and best way to build a great foundation for ripped or jacked physique is to do lot of compound moments like Bench press, squat and deadlifts and over head press.

Compound moment’s does lot of great things to build a strong, ripped physique. It will help you build that dense muscle and give you a great foundation. Now why do I say only 4 days of weight training? Well if you are going to do lot of compound moments in your routine, then you will not be able to train no more than 4 days as it will shock the central nervous system. Plus there are number of factors which can make you over train, like age, strength levels and stress levels. It’s easy for a college student to train more and get way than a guy in mid thirty’s with family and kids. Since a married guy with kids and full time time job will have more stress and will also have issues with timing the meals and meeting the calorie requirements.

Here is what you can do for better results and avoid over training.

Workout 4 days a week.

Plan your training routine around compound moments.

Meet your calorie requirement based on your goals be it to get lean and ripped or to get big.

Make sure you rest and recuperate well by sleeping 8 hours a day.

Do aerobic exercises for minimum of 30 minutes.