Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kevin Levrone 2017 India Tour and Bodybuilding Seminar

Kevin Levrone 2017 India Tour has been a delight to Kevin levrone fans specially his Indian fans. I had the opportunity of being part of it and experiencing great seminar. I have been a fan of Kevin levrone is he won the Night of champions. There was no social media back then, No Facebook, no Instagram and no YouTube.

It was a surreal experience meeting a legend and a role model for the first time. Kevin is a great champion and a gentleman, he treats his fans with great respect and inspires them with his words and action. I had a great opportunity to talk to him in length and touching various topics right from night of champions to Arnold classics, his diet and training Routine.

The audience also had some good question and Kevin was very happy to answer them and was a good earning experience. This article has the first part of the miniseries I will be releasing from the seminar. Here is the part One of the seminar, where Kevin talks about his training routine and teaches how different body types can train to get the optimal results. Please do subscribe to my YouTube channel and the blog to enjoy the future episodes.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

How to Gain Mass In your Biceps

I often get asked by new bee’s in the gym lot of questions on diet, training and supplementation. One of the question which a student of mine asked was “How to gain mass in your arm” well I said bloody train them hard and train them heavy Boy!

He was in awe for moment and said is it all that it takes build huge arms? I said yes, hell yeah. Let me tell you my story or rather my experience of training arms more specifically building biceps. My biceps have always responded to heavy training and more importantly to barbell curls. Cheating is even better when it comes to arm training. Here is a video where I demonstrate the raw biceps training workout which will hit every muscle fiber I your arm. Please do subscribe to my channel to get more training and dieting tips.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

How to Lose Weight without Exercise or Strict Diet ?

This was a question from one of my viewer who never exercised and was significantly over weight. The problem with most people is that they never realize that they are going over board and putting on heaps of weight at later stage. I do understand and acknowledge that focusing on fitness and health takes a back seat when you are in hustle to make life better and provide for your family.

People put on weight for various reason and often ignore the fact that it’s not always about looking good and have a six-pack abs. it’s beyond that, I am not talking everyone should have a great physique but more on the lines of being healthy and active in life.

Taking care of yourself and being healthy and active and having a fit body is not limited celebrities or athletes. Everyone should take time and pride in being healthy and fit, most importantly be consistent. Well enough said about what is the problem now let’s see how we can fix it.

I can guide you to get fit and stay in shape, but you must help yourself! you need to be consistent in working out, straight on your diet and shouldn't lose focus. Now let’s say you weight 105 kgs and you’re under 6 feet in height. It is quite too much if you don't exercise and have a very sedentary life style. Another most overlooked factor is the age, as you grow old you need to keep your weight under control.

 I suggest you join a gym and start working out ASAP.

 Building muscle revolves around few factors which one needs to consider and follow.

1. Weight training and right kind of exercises.
2. Nutrition depending on your goals as to build muscle or loose fat.
3. Rest and recovery depending on your training routine, that is whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Initially I would say learn the correct exercises and most importantly the form. when you say weight, I assume you mean muscle, I would say train regularly and hard say 5 days a week.

Stay away from sugar, excess carbs and processed foods.

I suggest do cardio at least 3 days a week. trying doing HIT cardio.

If you follow these simple pointers you are bound to get a fit body and stay healthy.

One of the best whey protein is muscle Blaze Whey protein, I prefer to take 2 whey protein shakes a day and my training has improved since I have added Muscle Blaze to my nutritional arsenal gains have drastically improved. 

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fat to Fit Transformation and H.I.T Training Module

My Transformation from Fat to Fit, I have made a comeback from an injury and had put me out for good 5 months. Its great stepping foot back in the gym and trying to turn fat into muscle. I was able to gain like 2 to 3 pounds, I believe it will have lot of fat but I am trying to build my strength at the moment and then start shredding. It will be a gradual progress and I shall document and keep you guys posted on my journey of fat to fit. I trained shoulders today and was great training as I had great pump and could see the increase in strength.

In this episode I take you through my back workout routine. I am big believer in HIT Training method, it was pioneered by Arthur Jones and popularized and advocated by Mike mentzer. Then Dorian Yates popularized it by winning Mr. Olympia titles one after other. I have few articles dedicated to HIT training which you can read and enjoy.

body part
Day 1  
chest and triceps  (Sat)

Day 2

Back & Biceps (Sun)

Day 3

Shoulders & abs(mon)

Day 4


Day 5

arms & legs

Day 6


Cardio & abs


H.I.T Training Module

High intensity training is one of the best method’s to put on quality muscle mass and definition, if not the best. It was found by Arthur Jones who experimented with this form of training with top bodybuilders of the era. He was the inventor of the Nautilus; many well know bodybuilders trained under his guidance like Casey Viator, mike mentzer and Ray Mentzer. It was Mike Mentzer who popularized this form of training and added his own observation to the HIT theory and perfected it.  Mike advocated and trained his clients no more than 7-9 sets per workout and further reduced the training by reducing the number days trained per week; 3 days per week sometimes even less depending on the gains. Mike advocated HIT training a lot and held many seminars’s and shot training videos. The man who took the HIT method to the top and revolutionized the sport of bodybuilding was Dorian Yates. 6 consecutive times Mr. Olympia and a big follower of HIT method.

The principle of this training method was that one should train brief, infrequent and with all intensity. It was believed that training with high intensity and to a point where it would create muscular failure momentarily yielded great gains and results. Since its intensity which is the key in this form of training, the training volume and duration of training is very brief compared to traditional volume training where one performs numerous sets and repetitions with low intensity. We all know that training stimulates muscle growth by recruiting new muscle fibers but rest and nutrition is what makes them grow. Adequate rest has to be provided for the body to heal and grow and endure the taxing from next intense workout. Hence a great emphasis is placed on rest and recuperation.

A typical HIT Workout can be like focusing one single muscle group to may be a minor muscle group in addition, like Back with Biceps. Again a great emphasis is placed on form and technique as it’s just not moving weights but lifting with perfect form and in slow and controlled fashion rather than jerking the weight. I strongly believe one should be training no more than 45 minutes, if they are aiming to build quality muscle mass naturally. We all more or less have access to same nutritional information but what separate us are the training methods to some degree and most importantly the intensity. Try this method for good 4-6 months and see the results.

This video is on barbell rows and I like to train heavy without compromising the form. People have tendency to focus more on weight and less on form due to ego lifting. Well guys focus on form and you will be grateful you did, because it prevents injury and help you build lot of muscle mass.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Best affordable fitness band in India?

Best affordable fitness band in India? This might give you a fair idea even before you buy a fitness band. Ok let me explain people in India have become very fitness conscious and are trying to try out new workouts and use fitness band to track their fitness level.

Fitness bands are everywhere now, but the biggest question is they useful? Do they really work? And work wonders for one. Well before we look into these questions lets first know what are fitness bands and what do they do?

Well these wrist bands are no ordinary bands, they are health tracking devices. These devices help one to track heart rate, blood oxygen level and total steps taken for particular day and calories burnt. It does give you some good data which otherwise can’t be manually tracked. The information provided by these bands is quite impressive. They are flashy and in-thing in the fitness industry, they come in wide variety of designs and price ranges. Prices range from $100 to $ 250 and above depending on the brands and functionality and designs, now you can’t expect all in one in the basic model. There are lot of top brands in the market namely, Fitbit flex, Jawbone and the misfit shine, well suit yourself!

Now let’s come to performance, these data provided is excellent but isn’t 100% accurate and each brand device works different way based on the Algorithm used. Well my biggest question is what do you do with these data? I mean does an average Joe need this lot of data? My answer is No! I would rather say it’s a great collectable item for people who are very passionate about fitness. Fitness bands are a great success throughout the world. I believe the major reason for the success of these bands is due to motivational aspect than that of functionality and accuracy. Monitoring makes people stick to their plans way better than compared to otherwise and these bands do certainly standout in monitoring aspect of it. But do they help you to be absolutely fit and have a great physique, No. So all in all I would give thumbs up for these fitness bands.

How to build biceps fast? How to get big Arms?

How to build biceps fast? How to get big Arms? These are questions people often ask. Desperate times ask for desperate measures, you need big arms you got to train big and hard, that’s the only way! Big on basics and heavy on the curling bar is what I say is the formula.

I am not saying this is the magical recipe for massive arms but definitely it will put you on the right path for to get those huge arms. Here are the best exercises to get big Arms. It’s something that I have tested and used in my Arm workout routine and gained lot of size on my arms. So if I am saying this program or the exercise works then it definitely works, as I have seen the results first hand. Throw way those 20 reps of this and 25 reps of that, if you want big arms. Sure those routine might give you the pump by they aren’t going to help you with building massive arms.

Arms have can be broken down into two muscle groups, biceps and triceps. Triceps is the biggest muscle group in your entire arm and training them can get you huge size, I have covered that in my previous article with workout video on Triceps workout for Huge Triceps. But here we are chasing the second link in the huge arms which is the biceps!

Lots of sets and moderate reps is the mantra, when say moderate you go to failure. Failure here on the entire workout has to be around 7 -8 rep range so adjust the poundage accordingly.

Barbell curls 10 sets to failure
Seated barbell curls 6 sets to failure
Preacher curls 6 sets to failure
Hammer curls 5 sets to failure
Skull crushers 5 sets to failure

Do the outlined exercises in the same format and will see your biceps growing big like that of Larry Scott!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

My Transformation from Fat to Fit Episode 8

My Transformation from Fat to Fit, This is week 2 of my journey on a quest to get fit and shed fat. As explained in the previous episode I have just started my weight training after my accident and haven’t trained in last 5 months. Watch the first episode:

Training in week 2 has been great, in this episode I want to discuss my training and diet. There is a lot of misconception of diet in India and all over the world. People are made to believe that they need to consume supplements or vitamin tablets to build a good physique or to lose weight, which isn’t true.

I would say I am training with only 80% of the training intensity at the moment, as I want to get adjusted to the training demands for few weeks and then on I am going to step up the pace. I want to show you guys that it’s absolutely possible to be in great shape by staying natural and just make sure you have a plan and have the work ethic. Week by week piece by piece and muscle by muscle everything is going to evolve. I want all of you to support me and be part of my journey in turning fat into muscle.

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Can Big Ramy win Mr. Olympia 2017?

Big Ramy has become a formidable force in the world of bodybuilding. I believe he can become Mr. Olympia In next two years. Oxygen gym Dubai has become a mecca for bodybuilder and they are doing a great job in getting bodybuilding to next level. Find out more in the below video.

Friday, September 8, 2017

How Do Some People Manage To Lose 15 to 20 kilos So Easily?

People who can manage to lose 15 to 20 kilos so easily, do this are on great training plans and good diet, but most importantly they have the dedication and the drive to achieve it.  Did I forget to mention genetics? well that’s the most important thing. It depends on genetics, they play a vital role in shaping our physique. What i mean by it is you need not go crazy on diet or do endless amount of exercises. Take one step at a time and depends on you level of fitness and your level of weight training experience.

Now coming to your question how to lose weight quickly or the best way here is a suggestion.

First and foremost, you must start training with weights and get your body adjusted to the training demand. I suggest do cardio at least 3 days a week. trying doing HIT cardio and do weight training for 2 to 3 days. Note if you lift weights for 3 days then cut cardio by a day.

Do lot of pushups and pull ups and chin ups if you intend to train at home and can’t access gym. You can also go for short sprints all this can be done in 30 minutes at the most daily.

Have a good nutritional plan to build muscle and maintain it.

Train on HIT principal that's what I train on and train my clients.

Properly schedule rest and recuperate well to gain muscle.

Eat at least 1700 calories of right kind of food.

Here is a video where i explain how to lose weight quick and safely.

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HIT is the amazing of workout which should be followed by everyone, i have had great results on HIT method and i put my clients on the HIT routine. here is a video where i breakdown the HIT training methods and its benefits.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Which exercises should I do to get rid of my slim body?

Whether you want to build size or get strong, always relay on heavy lifting and hardcore training. Right from Dorian yates to Ronnie Coleman all then employed heavy training. Now, compound exercises are the most important exercise to get rid of your slim body or a skinny body. Bench press, deadlift and squat is the most important lift you should focus on, overhead press is another great exercise which you should add to your workout program.

5 x 5 is a classic training program designed by legendary bodybuilder Reg Park. He used it to get big during off season. It can be the hardest routine you train on if properly utilized.

It’s one of the best routine that can be done for strength gains, I give it a 5-star rating. You will start with weight that you can manage for 5 reps for 5 set on all the compound moments, I don't think it’s going to be heavy.

Anyone can follow this routine, but beginners should use very light weight initially until they develop strength.

By week 2 and 3 you will already be strong and will be handling more poundage. it will make you strong and can add size. All you got do is train consistently.

low calories and burning fat fast

Let’s get it straight whether you want to lose fat, get shredded or get ripped there is a sure way to go about it and getting it. I am going to show you how to get the fat lose done and not the scale loss. I am a natural bodybuilder, a big believer in doing the weight loss or muscle building naturally when I say naturally I mean No “steroids” supplementation, there are many like labrada or muscle blaze and many more.  I will talk about supplements bit later in the article.

Now coming to diet there are hell lot of diet that you can try and experiment. Atkins diet, Keto diet or intermitted fasting so on so forth. There are so many diets in the market that you get confused hell a lot and leaves you wondering what works and what doesn’t.

Focus on getting rid of adipose fat and how do you do that? create calorie deficit which in turn forces your body to burn fat as source of energy. Weight loss is unavoidable when you go on calorie deficit but that’s not the point here is it? You need to focus on fat loss and not weight loss.  Fat loss is the determining factor which decides the program or diet is a success or otherwise.

A pound of muscle is 600 calories whereas fat is 3500 calories, so if you go on a calorie deficit of 500 calorie you will lose 1 pound of fat in a week with calorie deficit of 500 every day. So, you need to lift weights to build muscle and lose fat so that it helps burn the fat and retain the muscle mass.

Hope this was useful, for more update on training, workout videos and dieting details subscribe to my channel.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Mr. Olympia 2017 predictions

Mr. Olympia 2017 predictions, I believe there will be a major upset in this year’s Mr Olympia only if Shawn rhoden or Cedric McMillan call pull of the upset.

Dexter Jackson can’t be counted out who has the potential to take away the title from Phil heath. Now to the big question can big ramy (Mamdouh Elssbiay) win the Mr. Olympia my guess is no! I definitely see him making a big impact but definitely not winning. Same goes for Roelly Winklaar; he is focused more on getting big than focusing on proportions and flow.

William Bonac is somebody to watch out for, he looks amazing and he has very few weaknesses, so I see him doing very well in top 5.

Nathan de Asha is somebody I like in terms of his improvements .I hope we will have a break in the Mr. Olympia pattern where someone wins the title 4 times, 6 times in a row and a new champion will be crowned in the sport of bodybuilding.

My pick for top five are:

Phil heath

Dexter Jackson

Cedric McMillan

William Bonac

Mamdouh Elssbiay

Shawn rhoden

If you like this video Please share, subscribe and like the video. I would love to hear your feedback and point of view on this topic. Who do you think is going to be in Top 6?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

5 Reasons you need to work out with kettlebells.

Kettlebells are very effective tools in building good aesthetic physique and if you progress training with them you can get very strong. The beauty of kettlebell lies in its simplicity, it can be used to do train multiple body part and its convenient.

Now we see everyone using and talking about kettlebell training and kettlebell workout. Thanks to movies like 300 which depicts the aesthetic physiques and very functional bodies. If you want combination of both worlds of strength and beauty, then try kettlebell workout.

The best thing about them is you can buy them off amazon and start training. Amazon is a great place to buy fitness products and its awesome if you are trying to build a home gym.


Kettlebell training targets shoulders, back, hips, glutes and Legs now let’s talk about training. For men, I suggest    buying 16 to 32 kg kettlebells and women can use 8 to 16 kgs. Bang out 8-10 sets and keep the rep range high like 12. One can do array of exercises with this simple yet effective tool. Russian kettlebell swing, kettlebell squat, kettle bell lung, single and two arm kettlebell row and kettlebell floor press to name a few. Oh, forgot to tell you, you can even do kettlebell deadlift and kettlebell clean and military press.

Start rat training and try these exercises, progressively increase the weight you will have a toned and fit body.

Pumping Iron Arnold Schwarzenegger Tribute

Pumping Iron was one of the most prominent docudrama in bodybuilding history. There have been many bodybuilding movies there after however none come even close to what pumping iron could do as a movie.

Pumping iron introduced the world to a subculture called bodybuilding which existed and exhibited with in the word roughly 5000 people. Today bodybuilding is a mainstream sport and is well known in all corners of the world. What made the pumping iron so interesting was the characters in the movie the main man Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco columbu, Lou ferrigno, mike Katz, ken Waller and Ed Corney.

There were musclemen in movies earlier like Reg park and Steve Reeves, but none could put bodybuilding on the map like Arnold did. This movie is a cult classic for bodybuilding fans across the world. You see the real Arnold in the movie, his charisma and iron will is well exhibited in the movie and helped him to Parle it to mainstream movies, business and finally politics.

The movie is based on the epic center of bodybuilding mecca Gold’s gym, Mr. Olympia is the backdrop for the movie. It depicts the training, competitive spirit and the camaraderie among the pack. Now that’s golden age or golden era of bodybuilding.